DEGADUR® 151 and DEGADUR® 165

For high mechanical load-bearing industrial and commercial floors

DEGADUR® systems have particularly high compressive strength and good abrasion resistance. And yet
another advantage of DEGADUR® comes to play here: Flooring based on this reactive resin is highly resistant
to solvents.

For custom-tailored system solutions
• Extremely hard-wearing with high compressive strength
• High resistance to gasoline and oil
• Good resistance to tire marks
• For application on substrates with high mechanical strength

Fields of application
• Storage rooms
• Salesrooms and exhibition rooms
• Bakeries, cafés, beverage stores
• Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry
• Printing shops, distributing centers, workshops
• Discothèques, gyms
• Changing rooms
• Zoo enclosures (indoors)
• Museums
• Banks