Heat- and grease-resistant in the catering and restaurant industry

DEGADUR® 420 and DEGADUR® 526: Anti-skid and robust

Coatings based on DEGADUR® 420 and sealed with DEGADUR® 526 are particularly suitable for easily cleaned, anti-skid, and hygienic surfaces in the catering industry. The DEGADUR® 526 seal coat is distinguished by high abrasion resistance as well as excellent resistance to hot water and grease, and is therefore ideally suited for wet areas.





  • Slaughterhouses
  • Butchers’ shops, meat-processing plants
  • Fish factories, canning plants
  • Restaurant and hotel kitchens
  • Breweries, cellarage premises
  • Fruit juice companies
  • Dairies, cheesemaking premises
  • Shower and washrooms