A solid base for retail and industry

Industrial and commercial flooring is exposed to considerable load, particularly from the passage of vehicles  with small or large wheels, shopping carts, forklift trucks or pallet trucks. It must therefore be capable of withstanding high mechanical loads without showing signs of wear.

DEGADUR® 151/165: tough stuf

DEGADUR® systems have particularly high compressive strength and good abrasion resistance. And yet  another advantage of DEGADUR® comes to play here: Flooring based on this reactive resin is highly resistant to solvents and fuels.

application areas

• Storage rooms
• Salesrooms and exhibition rooms

• Bakeries, cafés, beverage stores

• Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry

• Printing shops, distributing centers, workshops

• Discothèques, gyms

• Changing rooms

• Zoo enclosures (indoors)

• Museums

• Banks