DEGADUR® 332 and DEGADUR® 529

Functional systems for elastic floors with high weathering resistance

Base coats made from DEGADUR® 332, sealed with DEGADUR® 529 are especially appropriate for flexible surfaces in interior and exterior areas. The covering, which is at least 5 mm thick, must be basically executed in an sprinkled manner. The size and type of the broadcasting material is specified by the demands for mechanical strength, plus the color, texture and grip.

For custom-tailored system solutions

• Extremely elastic floor coating with high UV resistance
• Impact-resistant and crack-bridging

• For high mechanical loads on indoor and outdoor surfaces

• For application on substrates of low mechanical strength 

Fields of application

• Cold storage rooms and deep-freeze stores; combined  with DEGADUR® 430, also in shock frosters 

• Metalworking industry

• Multistory car parks

• Printing shops, workshops

• Loading ramps

• Bridge and road coatings