DEGADUR® 418 and DEGADUR® 527

Decorative systems for dry areas

Basecoats made from DEGADUR® 418, sealed with DEGADUR® 527 are especially appropriate for colored floors or floors sprinkled with chips, smooth floors in primarily dry areas. The surfaces can be decorated according to customer wishes They are wear-resistant and easy to clean.

For custom-tailored system solutions

• Decorative industrial and commercial surfaces
• For floors exposed to light mechanical loads

• Easy-to-clean surfaces

• Variety of colored designs,

• Option to use broadcast color chips

Fields of application

• Supermarkets and retail stores
• Salesrooms and exhibition rooms

• Bakeries, cafés, beverage stores

• Offices, warehouses and storage rooms

• Firefighting equipment sheds, vehicle hangars

• Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry

• Printing shops, distributing centers, workshops

• Discothèques, gyms

• Changing rooms and sanitary facilities

• Zoo enclosures (indoors)

• Corridors (e.g. in schools, gyms, hospitals, nursing homes,  public offices)