Cleanliness and purity in the food processing industry

Floors in the food processing industry must comply with the provisions of the German Food Law and be approved for the proposed use. DEGADUR® systems have been certified by ISEGA (Forschungs- und Untersuchungsgesellschaft mbH, Aschaffenburg, Germany) as physiologically inert.

Wherever food is produced, the main concern is cleanliness. However, joints in floors are hard to clean and susceptible to bacteria and molds, particularly in areas that are difficult to access.


DEGADUR®based systems are useful here. Being seamless and impermeable to liquids, they are easy to clean and offer limited foothold to molds. Flooring systems with DEGADUR® are ideal in the food industry, thanks to their high resistance to commonly used cleaning agents. This applies under the most challenging conditions: Even acids and alkalis cannot harm the flooring.


  • Supermarkets and retail stores
  • Salesrooms and exhibition rooms
  • Bakeries, cafés, beverage stores
  • Offices, warehouses and storage rooms
  • Firefighting equipment sheds, vehicle hangars
  • Laboratories, pharmaceutical industry
  • Printing shops, distributing centers, workshops
  • Discothèques, gyms
  • Changing rooms and sanitary facilities
  • Zoo enclosures (indoors)
  • Corridors (e.g. in schools, gyms, hospitals, nursing homes, public offices)

Product information Covering Systems

DEGADUR® 151 / 165
DEGADUR® 418 / 526
DEGADUR® 418 / 527